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NS2 Project

NS2 Project

Why NS2 Project ?

NS2 is a discrete event network simulator, that is mainly used in research and teaching. It uses C++ in the backend and OTcl in the front end to model and simulate many protocols available for wireless networks, like AODV,AOMDV,DSR and so on. NS2 leads wireless researches and is the first and most preferred over tool. Its commercial alternative is the OPNET. NS2 leads ahead of its alternatives like Mannasim, GloMoSim,NetSim,OMNeT++ by incorporating support for many advanced protocols.

Why NS2 Project is uniq ?

NS2, inspite of its features, is a tough bull to tame. The complexity involved in learning and using it is always a nightmare for beginners in NS2. The modelling involved in NS2 is complex and time-consuming. The lack of GUI mandates the analysis of its bulky trace files to arrive at the results. We at UNIQ, have an experienced bunch of talented professionals, who have worked on several NS2 related projects and have even published papers in National Conferences. We, the NS2 team in UNIQ, proudly boast that we are the best people in Pondicherry to provide the best taste of NS2 to students. We, not only provide you the end result, but also teach all the related concepts of NS2 and Linux, which no other institute provide you. Believe us and we will give you the best! Mail any quarry send now! ieeeprojectscentre@gmail.com

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