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Image Processing Projects in Pondicherry

Image Processing Projects in Pondicherry

      Image processing is an interesting and essential domain that has good career center prospect and stability. The smart opportunity to accomplish Final Year Image Processing projects in Pondicherry is offered by IEEE Projects.

      Converting an image into a digital form and perform various operations to enhance it, to extract desired information from it and to add information to it. Image processing has entered the engineering world for security, perfection and data encapsulation. A good example on the usage of image processing would be a finger print identification system. Computerized fingerprint security systems require the implementation of image processing to identify the identity of the fingerprint.

The main purpose of image processing:

  • Effective Visualization Strategies

  • Sharpening and Restoring Image

  • Measuring Patterns

  • Image Recognition

Real world Examples of Image Processing:

  • Medical research

  • Signal Processing

  • Forensic Report

  • Space Science Research etc