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Cloud Computing Projects in Pondicherry

Cloud Computing Projects in Pondicherry

      A smart opportunity offered by IEEE Projects to accomplish your Final Year Cloud Computing projects in Pondicherry on Various Technologies with an exclusive internship on real time IEEE/Application Concepts.

       Cloud Computing is an revolutionizing advancement in the field of Information Technology. Facilitating various digital services to be served using a remote storage space has provoked remarkable innovations. There are four types of clouds exists in cloud computing. They are public cloud, private cloud, community cloud and hybrid cloud.

       Using a real-time communication network like internet, cloud computing enables the users to access a storage from a remote location anywhere around the world. Cloud computing falls into three main categories.

       IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) – This type of services is mainly used for maintaining efficiency in using IT infrastructure. Sharing of centralized IT resources in corporate companies and other places is carried out through IAAS.

       PAAS (Platform As A Service) – Payment transaction and other similar process are carried out remotely with the help of PAAS.

       SAAS (Software As A Service) – Using online tools and software that were installed in a remote server storage is made possible via SAAS.

       To guide final year students to make a successful career path in Cloud Computing Platform, PLC Technologies invites them to complete their final year Cloud Computing projects in Pondicherry with exclusive internship on trending concepts.